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Annual Spring Conference

Ananda Marga UK and Eire (London Region) warmly invites you to their Easter conference which will take place at Lime Farm, Amersham between Thursday 13th April and Monday 17th April. It will be a pleasure to spend our spring retreat together just outside Little Missenden - a picturesque and vibrant part of the English Chilterns, just a short distance outside London.

There will be collective Dharma Cakras, kiirtana, classes, walks, vegan meals and more...


Kiirtan in the Cotwolds

Kiirtan Parikrama - Feb 2018

Kiirtan is the singing of a special mantra aloud while ideating on Infinite Consciousness.

This February, we'll be touring the UK and holding 3 hour Akhanada Kiirtan sessions at certain venues, followed by meditation, feats and satsaunga. The current dates for the event are:-


Ananda Marga New Year Retreat '17/18

The New Year's retreat is taking place in Amersham this year