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Didi Ananda Nanda is a teacher of the Ananda Marga Meditation Charity. She lived in South East Asia and the Far East for many years, where she organised and participated in education and service projects run by the charity, as well as teaching meditation.

Having studied fine art in the past, and having recently completed a foundation course in art therapy for wellbeing, Didi is presently facilitating workshops which combine art-making and its wellbeing qualities with meditative ideation and its benefits.


The art workshop left my mind so clear and uplifted! It was a joy to watch how the vibrant, beautiful watercolours can flow and keep transforming, and to learn some techniques to direct them, but also be encouraged to let go and just let them unfold. I clearly felt how art-making soothes and lifts one’s mind to other levels.
Sumati Brekke, London


Didi Ananda Nanda facilitated a very nice workshop with the teachers of our Baan Unrak School. The final art activity really inspired them, and many asked for the text of the presentation so they could study and understand more. Personally, I felt inspired as well. I felt the workshop strengthened my heart cakra and made me feel light and good.
Didi Ananda Anuraga, Thailand