Ananda Marga London Region Autumn Conference/ Retreat 2022.

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Autumn Conference

Ananda Marga London Region Autumn Conference/ Retreat 2022.

We warmly invite you to our Autumn Seminar Conference/ Retreat for London Region

“Even a golden vessel needs polishing occasionally. Unmaintained it gathers dust and dirt and loses its lustre. Similarly, even a good person or a sadhaka needs proper maintenance, for in a world of constant change, care must be taken that the change be always towards the better or the higher. Keeping good company is essential for this positive development….good company is conducive to liberation and salvation. The keeping of good company is … known as satsaunga. When satsaunga is followed, either physically or mentally or both, the subconscious mind, and thus the conscious mind, are charged with better and higher influences. This change will move the follower forward towards higher and better goals.”
We have designed our seminar system to fulfil these intentions and to help us learn more about the Ananda Marga ideals and ideology, and also to plan activities to serve the needs of the local community.

Activities will include kiirtan, dharmacakra, sadhana shivir, katha kiirtan, bhajan evening and open panel discussions on relevant and current topics.


Price for entire seminar:

  • Adult (over 18) – £75 (early bird discount)
  • Children (over 8) – £25
  • Under 8 years – No charges

*The early bird discount applies until 9th October.*

*Registration closes on 14th October.*

This is necessary so that the organisers can make all the plans in time, including purchasing food and making arrangements for accommodation at the retreat centre and for the children’s programme.

We will each need to bring our own bedding (sleeping bag, sheets, etc) and our own towels. Beds are provided.

We do look forward to seeing you there. We have had few opportunities to come together in the last couple of years and this occasion will give us the chance to meet together, share satsaunga and plan how we can be of more service to the society

The event is finished.


DoveDale House
DoveDale House
Ilam, Ashbourne Derbyshire

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