Regional Spring Seminar ’24: Brahmacarya

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Regional Spring Seminar ’24: Brahmacarya

The theme of this gathering is Brahmacarya, ‘to remain attached to Brahma’.
How do we do this? Our tantric yoga scriptures say “Your duty is to awaken yourself and help others to awaken”; and this awakening is how we remain attached to Brahma.
Satsaunga is an important way to attain Brahmacarya, and for Satsaunga, it is said: “…even a good person, a spiritual aspirant needs proper maintenance, for in a world of constant change, care must be taken that the change be always towards the better or the higher.”
Our Spring Seminar will help us to move closer to Brahmacarya in our daily lives and to move toward the better or higher parts of life.


Welcome to our Spring Seminar for London Region, on 29th March to 1st April 2024 at the Wilderness Centre,
Plump Hill, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0HA.(

Price for the entire seminar:
Adult (18 and over) – £120
Children (8 and over) – £50
Under 8 years – No charge
1 parent + 1 child – £153
1 parent + 2 children – £198
2 parents + 1 child – £261
2 parents + 2 children – £306
Camping – £80 (18 and over) and £35 (8 and over).
(No camping equipment will be provided).

You will each need to bring your own bedding (only mattress and pillow provided).

Registration closes on 22nd March.
This is necessary so that the organisers can make all the plans in time, including purchasing food and making arrangements for accommodation at the retreat centre and for the children’s programmes.

We do look forward to seeing you there. This occasion will give us the chance to meet together, share satsaunga and plan how we can be of more service to society.

Register now using this link

For any further questions please contact us.

The event is finished.


Gloucester - Wilderness Centre
Gloucester - Wilderness Centre
Plump Hill, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire. GL17 0HA

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