AM Events

AM Spring Conference ’21

Ananda Marga London Region will be holding our Annual Spring Conference online this year. Activities will include Kiirtan, Meditation, Sadhana Shiviir, Khatha Kiirtan, Bhajans Night and open panel discussions.

Yoga Postures (Asanas) and Yogic Dance

Learn to practise simple, effective yoga postures, as well as yogic dances which can help with a variety of ailments.

Open Meditation Class

Learn to identify yourself with your divine nature

The Big Picture of Yoga – Spiritual Philosphy Class and Practise

The Big Picture of Yoga – Yogic philosphy explained simply

Autumn Regional Conference

virtual conference now on

Online Dharmacakra

Weekly Dharmacakra (Collective Meditation) stremed from the yoga centre (jagrti) in Stoke Newington – open to all those practising Ananda Marga meditation.