AM Events

Yogic excercises

Drop by to do some revitalizing yogic excercises.

Music Class

Learn basic guitar and sing mantra chanting kiirtan, bhajans or spiritual songs and Prabhat Samgiita the songs of new dawn with Dada Da’naviira. 

Meditation: The Ultimate DIY for Self-Improvement

Meditation has a long history of helping people to improve their daily lives and find more meaning for their whole life. In each class we include an explanation of some aspect of meditation, we practice a simple form of meditation and have discussion. You can learn how to fit this practice into your daily routine.

Tuesday Yoga Exercise and Dance

Practices will vary on each session. Kaoshikii, yogic exercises/dance with many health benefits. Self massage and relaxation.

Just meditate

Kiirtan Mantra Chanting & Meditation Come along every monday and enjoy the bliss of collective kiirtan and meditation. Kiirtan is an enjoyable practice that involves the collective singing of mantra, creating a feeling of lightness and joy, it prepares the body and mind for meditation. Meditation is the scientific practice to experience the bliss within […]

Meditation & Yoga Open Day

A varied programme to introduce yogic meditation. If you’d like an introduction to yoga and to meditation, this day will be an effective way to get a feel for the deeper aspects of yogic meditation. It includes a yoga asana class, a talk on the practice of meditation, yogic chanting, group meditation and other features. […]