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How can I find the time and focus to sit in meditation? Part One
Ah yes, so we’ve gotten to a point where you think: “Yes, meditation is good for me. But when I try to sit for meditation, my mind is all over the place, or my body doesn’t want to stay in one place.” Well, can’t you just order your mind and body to cooperate? Easier said than done, and this lack of ‘cooperation’ from your self is part of the reason we need meditation. The good [...]
How can I find the time and focus to sit in meditation? Part Two: Yogic Exercise
While I teach meditation to help people find mental peace and spiritual fulfilment, meditators shouldn’t forget about physical health. In the last blog I talked of how food is essential for spiritual progress. Certain foods, I noted, encourage mental harmony, as well as giving us physical health. Here I’ll talk of how the right exercise can help our “innercise.” Exercise is working with our body to achieve a good level of health.  Our “innercise” is [...]
Why do I want to learn to meditate?
“Why do you want to learn meditation?” I often ask this of my students, before teaching them a formal meditation practice, which includes their personal mantra. And over the years I’ve gotten quite a variety of responses. I find almost any reason is good. Well, almost every reason. Years ago in Israel I met a young man from the Philippines, and as we sat in a quiet room, preparing for his personal initiation into meditation, [...]
Meditation: Be all You Can Be
A few years ago I wanted to buy one domain name. I knew with this domain, anyone who wanted to feel good, even perhaps anyone who wanted anything at all, would visit the website. Of course the domain name was taken already. Wonder what it was? Amazon? Nah. Google? No way. E-Bay. Hardly. The domain name I was looking for was: After all, why do we do anything, and everything? Because there’s something for me, [...]