London Region Autumn Seminar ’23

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London Region Autumn Seminar ’23

One of the treasures of Ananda Marga is our Satsaunga, keeping good company. Our regional Autumn conference can be a great benefit for our spiritual practice and in growing our relations to the wider community. By putting our minds and hearts and good intentions together with other Margiis we can plan how to do the best service to the society, physically, mentally and ultimately spiritually.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this gathering as we move closer to our Bliss.

  • Venue:
    • Lea Green Learning and Development Centre ,Derbyshire DE4 5GJ,
  • Dates:
    • from Friday, October 20th (4 pm arrival) to Sunday, October 22nd (3 pm).
  • Programme:
    • Activities will include Akhanda Kiirtan, Dharmacakra, Classes on Spiritual topics, Avartha Kiirtan, Children’s activities, Prabhat Samgiit and Rawa night.
  • Price for the entire seminar
    • Adults (18 and over) – £105
    • Children (8 years and above) – £50. No charges for under 8 years
    • LFTs and acharyas – Free of charge
    • Camping – £90 (No camping equipment will be provided)
    • Camping children – £40
  • Registration closes on 15th October
    • This is necessary so that the organisers can make all the plans in time, including purchasing food and making arrangements for accommodation at the retreat centre and for the children’s programmes.

Register now using the registration button.

For any further questions please write to events[at]

The event is finished.


£ 105.00


Lea Green Centre, Derbyshire
Lea Green Centre, Derbyshire
Main Road, Lea, Near Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 5GJ

Lea Green Learning and Development Centre based in the heart of Derbyshire is one of the country’s leading outdoor education and adventurous activity centres. The Centre boasts a range of accommodation options including the main house, glamping and accessible accommodation.

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