London Region Autumn Seminar ’23
One of the treasures of Ananda Marga is our Satsaunga, keeping good company. Our regional Autumn conference can be a great benefit for our spiritual practice and in growing our relations to the wider community. By putting our minds and hearts and good intentions together with other Margiis we can plan how to do the best service to the society, physically, mentally and ultimately spiritually. We look forward to seeing everyone at this gathering as [...]
Music Class
Kiirtan Mantra Music & Spiritual Songs Learn basic guitar and sing mantra chanting kiirtan, bhajans or spiritual songs and Prabhat Samgiita the songs of new dawn with Dada Da’naviira. Class is online only.
Open Meditation Class
Learn to identify yourself with your divine nature Open class for anyone wishing to learn and experience a little more about meditation