Meditative Art-Making for Wellbeing workshop by Ananda Marga nun, Didi Anandananda
With: Didi Ananda Nanda from the Ananda Marga Meditation Charity Description: Create free-flowing watercolour paintings with colours that calm you and colours that lift and energise you. and/or Bring natural objects indoors and create an image that reflects or symbolises a personal or seasonal theme. Event date/time: 14th  September 2024 Free-Flowing Watercolour 9.30am-11.45am Natural Objects Indoors 12.45pm-3.00pm Costs: One morning - £20 / One afternoon - £20 / One day - £35
Meditative Painting Workshop
Revitalise yourself with stress-free, free-flowing, watercolour painting. Enjoy colour that can calm you and colour that can lift and energise you. Many people do not attempt painting because they cannot achieve the high expectations they put on themselves. However, just to watch colour flowing over paper can be an inspiring experience. In the workshop we will creatively play with free-flowing colours that are calming and energising, and with positive ideation, our spirits will be lifted [...]
London Region Autumn Seminar ’23
One of the treasures of Ananda Marga is our Satsaunga, keeping good company. Our regional Autumn conference can be a great benefit for our spiritual practice and in growing our relations to the wider community. By putting our minds and hearts and good intentions together with other Margiis we can plan how to do the best service to the society, physically, mentally and ultimately spiritually. We look forward to seeing everyone at this gathering as [...]
Autumn ’21 Regional Conference
Collective Service – Coming together for the common good This conference will be focussed on how we can come together to do service to benefit others, and develop ourselves spiritually in the process