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Meditation: The Ultimate DIY for Self-Improvement
The benefits of meditation are awesome! Come and see for yourself.   Meditation has a long history of helping people to improve their daily lives and find more meaning. In each class we include an explanation of some aspect of meditation, we practice a simple form of meditation and have discussion. You can learn how to fit this practice into your daily routine. The course will cover several topics that serve as a good background [...]
Just Meditate
Kiirtan Mantra Chanting & Meditation Come along every Monday and enjoy the bliss of collective kiirtan and meditation. Kiirtan is an enjoyable practice that involves the collective singing of mantra, creating a feeling of lightness and joy, it prepares the body and mind for meditation. Meditation is the scientific practice to experience the bliss within all of us. Doing these practices collectively creates a special energy and helps to go deeply into the experience. This [...]